The way forward

While traditional means of advertising using Billboards, Newspapers, Digital Advertisements, Radio or TV Spots etc., will still hold sway, technology is moving in leaps and bounds. What we are now seeing is innovative ways of creating graphic movies or short messages for those visiting sites such as YouTube, drones that are now being used in unusual ways to advertise products or services, virtual reality or 360-degree videos.

This not only opens a whole new world for the advertising and marketing industry but businesses now must come up with better ways to approach their customers. Those that do not use the whole gamut of options now available may still be successful but may be left behind those that choose to experiment and wow their audiences.

So, while you may have done the challenging work when you started your business by creating the right image, it needs to be worked on consistently to keep with the changing times. Modern technology and higher expectations will force you to work and re-work your branding strategy.